Standing Man

"Those who kneel to God are learning how to prostrate themselves before a king."
(Joseph Joubert / 1754-1824 / Notebooks, tome 1)

Warning!!   This site is designed for:
  • atheists, agnostic, free thinkers, secular humanists, rationalists, materialists, unbelievers, skeptics, all those who live without gods or religion, anti-clericals, apostates, those who have been excommunicated or anathematized, infidels, renegades, heretics, the damned, the unfrocked, the impious, women who have been stoned, and all others who are potential fuel for burning at the stake...
  • all non-believers who, surrounded by believers, think that they are all alone or abnormal;
  • to all those, even the believers, who donít have an answer to everything ;
  • to all voyagers and souls lost on the Internet ;
  • ... and especially to all those who want to stand on their own two feet.
Notice to believers (who arrived here by mistake):

This site has no desire to insult you in any way at all. If some of you feel offended, this is a regrettable misunderstanding. because the criticisms, the attacks, or our attempts at humor are aimed at the objectives of belief, never at believers as individuals.

Atheism recognizes and respects the right of all individuals to believe in the spirits of their ancestors, God, Santa Claus, the blue unicorn, or anything at all, if that helps them to live more happily in the brief period of human existence allotted to them.

But religious beliefs and doctrines become dangerous if they threaten the liberty and integrity of the individual or of society. That is why we atheists are extremely vigilant in fighting against the seizure of temporal power by great religions or sects and that is why we battle against abuse of the rights of free men with all our might.

The objectives of this site are:
  • To make atheism in all its forms widely known ;
  • To show that it is possible to live without belief in supernaturalism or gods or religion ;
  • To awaken the critical spirit of believers, which is asleep, anesthetized by centuries of propaganda and indoctrination inflicted by other believers, who were often the best intentioned of people ;
  • To denounce the abuses of religion against individuals or civil society ;
  • To defend secular humanism
God: Father Christmas of adults, but infinitely less efficient.


The pages are gathered in six parts:


Religion and beliefs:


Quotations on God, religion, superstition, beliefs:
    a set of quotes, maximes, aphorisms, proverbs classified:
biography Biographies biography of atheist, agnostic or freethinking authors and philosophers.

Free expression:

... and also, more than 2000 pages in french:     Site in French: Atheism, to live without God, religion, superstitions,
Atheism, religion and beliefs, biographies of atheists or freethinkers authors, quotations, humor (witticisms, unbeliever's dictionary, various names of God, blasphemies...), press review, space of freedom.

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