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Effects of black light: trendy nightclubs use crucifix!

"For, as you know, religions are like glow-worms; they shine only when it is dark."
(Arthur Schopenhauer / 1788-1860 / Parerga)

Obscurantism: black light

"Religion is nothing but the shadow cast by the universe upon human intelligence."
(Victor Hugo / 1802-1885 / Philosophy, Beginning of a book)


Obscurantism: (from Latin obscurus, obscure, dark) Attitude, opinion or doctrines opposed to the dissemination of knowledge and to the progress of science and raison.
Obscurantism was fought by the Enlightenment, a movement of thinkers and philosophers in the18th century, which praised general progress for the human behaviour, including the political field, by the broadest possible diffusion of all knowledge. Therefore, they were opposed to superstitions and to beliefs perpetuated by the domination of the Church.
The term obscurantism is used for example to characterize the ideas of the adversaries of the Enlightenment which, in the 19th century, were opposed to the diffusion of education among the people.

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