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In Canada, we have a Minister of Public Safety, Stockwell Day, who is a "fundamentalist" Christian and who believes that the UNIVERSE is 6,000 years old and that man lived at the same time as the dinosaurs among other "delusions". This man is now responsible for protecting Canadians from fundamentalist MUSLIMS who think they will be given 70 virgins if they tie a bomb to their body and blow themselves up along with a number of "us".

These are the believers in the religious fantasy of REWARDS on the OTHER SIDE!

It's no wonder we don't trust RELIGION!

What a MESS! What a MESS!
(4d-don / May 06, 2008 - 08:38 am)

Nice site!
(DeistReality / 06/05/08 - 06:28)

Theism and Atheism and LIFE in general are all something to "joke" about, and the REAL TRUTH is that there are many jokes about Theism, Religion, the ONE and ONLY (what some call God), and yes, about Atheism too. If not, we thinkers can make one up. Theists are very cavalier with the word "TRUTH"...

Theists (Judeo-Christians) seem to want the atheists and all who don't believe in the MALE GOD of Abraham, like them, to "cry", and be sad and be "damned", and think that all who don't believe in the GOD of Abraham, a MALE tribal GOD, or are Atheists, who in REAL TRUTH, don't believe in a PERSONAL GOD at all, all think ONE WAY and are all the SAME...LOST for ETERNITY!

Judge the ACTIONS, not the BELIEF! There are many BAD Christians (immoral, un-ethical, sinners?), and many good (moral and ethical) ATHEISTS!

Atheists are not necessarily all MATERIALISTS who think that Matter is all there is to LIFE. Some Atheists believe in SOMETHING beyond MATTER! There is a difference between FAITH, TRUTH and BELIEF!

The "theists" who simply swallow the thoughts (fantasies and creations) of nationalist "MISFITS", (camel dung eaters) of centuries ago, and don't think any further, as they seem unable to, want their children to "think for themselves" and not follow the CROWD.

The UNI-VERSE is ONE...IF there are many-verses, then we can say that the MULTIVERSE is ONE or UNITED...IF there is a FIRST CAUSE (CREATOR), we can also say that IT IS ONE and IT is not MALE ( not a "Big GUY")...but can be said to BE ALL and also, be the cause of ALL!

And there are many JOKES about IT too...

You gotta laugh because it's not funny!
(4d-don / April 29, 2008 - 08:46 pm)

someone asked for a joke about athiesme that would make him/her laugh...
The truth is there isn't one...
Atheisme is nothing to joke about... more over, you should cry... cause it's a sad belief that you will one day go to sleep only to remain that way...
To me, thats not something worth my thought...

maybe it works for some... its just not for me...
life is too hard to go through without the Big Guy upstairs... lol
(Chris... / April 28, 2008 - 07:21 am)

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