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2007 - Quarter 3

Beginning of the Visitors' book

The personal "GOD" of the Christians, Allah of the Muslims, and even the "no-name, no form" Yahweh/Elohim of the Jews, are more of a POLITICIAN and Military leader with Male (testosterone) emotions, some favourites or "pets", than a CREATIVE Process or a LAW without a "personality".

The personal Christian "G-o-d", made up of two closed-mouth consonants "G-D" enclosing the "O", or the open-mouth vowel, comes from the word Goth, the Germanic tribe, the Goth, who along with their cousins, the Visigoth (Children of Goth), and the Vandals, (who gave us "vandalism") sacked Rome in the 4th centruy)

We are seeing the resurgence of the GOTH culture in our youth. The Gothic youth are doing to the current culture what their forefathers did to the "Holy Roman Empire" that had become the state religion in the 2nd century with the Byzantine (roman) emperor, Constantine. From that "take-over" of the small Jesus movement, also came the Trinity of God, making Christ a GOD so Constantine, also a GOD could become a Christian. He had a Church built at Byzantium with 12 podiums on columns, for the statues of the apostles (now limited to 12 with no women, even the ones who stood at the cross a s Jesus dies and the twelve were in hiding), and one podium for Himself.

The battle of the Goth versus the Christian (Roman) Church/Empire is much like the Master Race (Nazis) versus the "chosen people" (Jews) for the position of the "favourites" or the Teacher's Pet of the ONE (what is now commonly called G-O-D)

Let us call the UNITY or ONE what we are "hard-wired" for, the mystical experience" by a name that is ONE or UNIVERSAL and has no GENDER.

Just a thought...
(4d-don / September 09, 2007 - 20:46)

Cool site! thanks for letting me view your guest book and giving me all the information.
(September 07, 2007 - 08:09 pm)

For all "Christians" and other THE-ists (From the Greek Theos=God the ONE Creator)?...(notice that it's close to "THEY", the sacred INSTITUTE of "THEY"). Well, THEY died... I heard it on the NEWS and THEY never lie.

The culture that gave you (and us) "Christ", your Messiah (Saviour) and the Old Testament in the Bible has many myths and symbols.

Do Christians ever wonder why the culture who's history is carried in a "sacred document", includes the concept of the primacy of the "LAW"?

If we look at other cultures guided by the "LAW" carried in their Books of MYTHS and SYMBOLS, including the LAW OF ONE of the MYTHIC or even SYMBOLIC Atlantean culture, one finds the same guiding compendium of moral and ethic tenets of that culture at that time including some "un-elevated" and "survivalist" tenets such as the "discrimination" against "homosexuality". The tribe, to remain "vital", has to sustain it's numbers or grow, and the historic "male/female" breeding was necessary at that time, for the survival of the tribe. Inner and inter-tribal copulating was the norm with a few "outside" sperms and/or eggs to diversify the gene-pool. This "inspiration" came to the "rebels" and/or misfits of the clans.

The same for "cleanliness laws such as: the "menstruating" women were not to swim in the pools and/or ride in a saddle at the time of the "curse" that was menstruation.

If these LAWS were inspired by The ONE or THE UNITY (what some call God, the Creator, etc either through "evolution" or "mind meld" as in the sci-fi Star Trek or the "Divine inspiration" of the theists, then "IT" seems to have given "IT" broad and wide to many and maybe all cultures at different "evolutionary" times and changed "IT" as the need and the "knowledge base" changed.

That would be like a "ONE" or a "UNITY" which is not "tribal" but UNIVERSAL as in ONE - VERSE....

Sing together my children!! You all have the same "inspiration" or "IT" from the ONE to the ALL. Some get it through "evolution" some get it through "inspiration" and some get it through "myths and fantasies" and/or other games of the MIND.
(4d-don / September 06, 2007 - 08:53 pm)

Does one have to ask the sun for heat and light? Does one have to ask for, not the "force" but the "geometry" of Gravity. Does one have to ask the Wind to blow? The REALITY or the ONE is revealed to ALL without asking. The darkness that is '"BLIND faith" hides the day of logic with all it's so-called "light". Would you again make war and destroy those who do not "BELIEVE" in your "gods" as your fundamentalist ilk have done for centuries?

We, the INFONAUTS are redefining what is "proper". I don't know if you heard but "THEY died"!! We are the "authority" on our lives and what we believe. The "gods" along with fairies, devils, imps, devas, and the other "personal" creations of a frightened "authority" is not what I believe. I believe in the ONE or UNITY of LIFE...not a minor desert tribal "god" who is always angry, at war. The Bible is the path to immorality that is supposed to lead to the GREAT MORALITY. NOT!! A fiction originated by "camel-dung eating" prophets and con-men of religion to manipulate the masses and be supported by the "middle classes".

GOD IS NOT A MALE according to John 1, but a "WORD". Christians, to be as John, the mystic and probably Essene (not Paul, the murderer, or the doctor, or the tax-collector) should at least make the ONE a "SPIRIT" and not a MALE PERSON who REVEALS (dreams) to an ELITE. The ElITE then re-write and claim that it was the POOR who were the messengers, and the prefered of this minor tribal "god".

One cannot prove the "non-existence" of something such as "elves", "fairies", etc...read some "theology" (study of the ONE-What some call Theos, LOGOS or the CREATOR,the SINGULARITY, the UNITY and "god") such as Thomas Aquinas (the monk and Saint, who was muzzled by the CHURCH in his lifetime).
(4d-don / September 04, 2007 - 09:03 pm)

Faith : "to believe because God has revealed it to you". But why should God if you don't ask properly, of even bother at all? But faith has been redefined as "Belief without knowledge" by modern secularists. That kind of self-justifying re-writing of things is all over your site. You blind yourself.

By the way the proper definition of atheist is "To deny the gods", and not 'unbelief' as you claim, which is actually a form of agnostic.

Ironic that atheists do not have proof that God does not exist. While Christians at least have the potential of a genuine mechanism of proof (God revealing himself).
(Atheists Are Irrational / September 02, 2007 - 11:56 pm)

I think that my recent publication entitled "Creeds and Facts" (in french "Croire ou Voir") could interest many of your supporters.
(adri(a/e)n van der Sluijs / August 28, 2007- 04:16 pm)

Hello! Good Site! Thanks you!
(kvjygeqpzi / August 26, 2007 - 04:41 am)

Hello, Your site is great. Regards, Valintino Guxxi
(Valintino / August 24, 2007 - 06:23 am)

Hello! Good Site! Thanks you!
(rgmuesorgx / August 22, 2007 - 11:16 pm)

Hello! great idea of color of this site!
(Unknown / August 1st, 2007 - 11:31 pm)

I wake up. I eat a healthy breakfast. I then go on with my life and act and react. I show people things and I learn things. I have my own battles and follies. What more do I need than to spend some time in nature? What more should a man do to finally be considered a real human being? The day I dropped religion was the day I started looking at my life through my own eyes. And by-god, they were closed.
(SP / August 1st, 2007 - 06:07 am)

As an a-THEIST, I do not "oppose" the concept of the ONE or the UNITY! (What some call "God"). I do oppose the static and dogmatic definition that organized religions have given to the ONE of their PYRAMIDAL structure, where THEY (the sacred Institute of "THEY) are the "elite" or the "saved" at the top of the Pyramid, and the Masses, as the needy sinners, carries this useless structure as if they were not "inside" the ONE, unless and until authorized by the "PRIEST" class. (the rituals of Baptism, etc..)

I believe in a more just, egalitarian, "spheric or spiral" universal and Divine structure where MOTION is scalar and where all have an equal access to the ONE, the UNITY or the DIVINE in us all, with it's positive attributes of HOPE, LOVE, CHARITY, etc..., and without the fear of the "NEGATIVE" (sin and Hell), and without the need for a religious or Pyramidal proxy system.

We am safely tucked inside the ONE where we live. We still need the pyramid structure for military, police, business etc...We do not need the "pyramidal" structure to reach the ONE or to expand to the stars where all motions in space are arcs, orbits, rotations, etc and where "translational" motion is just a local "illusion" just like tribal "RELIGIONS and their version of pyramidal (triangular, trinity) MONOTHEISM.

The pyramidal structure is useful in Eucledian geometry of three dimensions (3d), and is thus useful until we are off the planet, Mother Earth, Gaia, our cradle. Time to leave the imaginary BREAST children, and become responsible "adults", ready to reach for the stars.

This is a religious MUTINY of the INFONAUTS! The People are taking over their own ships for the sake of our spiritual diversity and our very survival!

Religions would have us make war with one another yet again!

The hour of our "transformation" is at hand! It is written in the BOOKS! lol
(4d-don / July 21, 2007 - 20:29)

What a great find! we are more then a few! sometimes I feel I have to whisper not to bring on the rath of the godlings
(truelee / July 20, 2007 - 07:33 am)

To quote the Bible as a proof of the existence of the ONE, the UNITY what some call by the Gothic "GOD", (from the Germanic tribe that invaded Rome in 4th century (common era, not Christian era), is like quoting "Mein Kampf" to prove the concept of the MASTER RACE. (the CHOSEN PEOPLE). That was once the claim of the JEWS but is now the the claim of the CHRISTIANS. It's a disease that spreads.
continued in the page : The ONE in Bible
(4d-don / July 8, 2007 - 10:52 pm)

I feel so sorry for you. It's sad for me to see someone who is unable to connect with that which has no name, that which is beyond reason and mindset. I wish you wisdom.
(SP / July 3, 2007 - 10:20 am)

I ask that you please read this through with an open mind, as I know of your belief about God. I can see you are set against God. You probably don't believe the Bible, but it has been around nearly 2000 years and is yet to be proven false. Archeology has excavated many sites in reference to the Scriptures and found evidence on many occasions, confirming its accuracy. If it is as accurate about things of history, why should I not then logically move on to look at what caused this? The Bible is more historically accurate than any other book of antiquity and does not contradict itself. For example, the gospels are written by four different authors. If you look closely at the text, you will find that while later copies add or don't elaborate on certain points they all portray the same message. Also, Jesus is the theme of the Bible. If, like atheists say, the world is made from matter, then where did it come from? I understand that you do not wish to ask this question, but how can I blindly accept anything without looking at the facts? I don't believe that you are a bad person, in fact it is an act of bravery to make your views so public. If possible, I would like to set up a chat to further discuss this. I will continue to read your website.
Take care and I look forward to your reply.
(gravitondragon / July 1st, 2007 - 01:10 am)

I am no against God, I just don't believe in its existence.
Consistency in Bible (if there is) doest not prove it was revealed by a gd.
Sorry but I have no time for a chat.

You pose some interesting questions. I have spent some time studying some of your material. I was just wondering if you believe in the concept of truth. If so, I would like to know. I will continue to examine your website. God Bless.
(christian / July 1st, 2007 - 00:45 am)

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