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How to contact "Atheism: the capital man" or to express yourself ?

Be patient, the publication of the texts or the answers may take a few days.
The texts are published without name, pseudonyme or e-mail address, except if you wish it. The racist, insulting, defamatory, obscene, full of hate remarks, as well as the calls to violence or to brake the law, will be moved aside. It will be the same if the texts are without relationship with the purpose of the site.
Remark: the texts which refer to a particular page will be placed at the bottom of this one.

Support atheism and freethinking by adding a link from your site to "Atheism: the capital man".

That will improve the position in the results of the search engines, particularly for the key words "God" and "religion", with which the "religious" sites are omnipresent .

For that, you may use the following HTML code:
Examples to copy:

Résult:    Atheisme: the capital man. To live without God and without religion

Résult:    Atheism: the capital man. To live without God and without religion
They are only examples, the text inserted between the tags may be adapted to the topic treated by your site or the link may point to another page that the home page.
If you let me know of a such link and if the origin site is not in contradiction with the ethics of "Atheism: the capital man", a reciprocal link will be added on the page of links or on a more adapted page, according to the case.

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