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The ONE in Bible

To quote the Bible as a proof of the existence of the ONE, the UNITY what some call by the Gothic "GOD", (from the Germanic tribe that invaded Rome in 4th century (common era, not Christian era), is like quoting "Mein Kampf" to prove the concept of the MASTER RACE. (the CHOSEN PEOPLE). That was once the claim of the JEWS but is now the the claim of the CHRISTIANS. It's a disease that spreads.

The ONE (what some call God) is not a word, (but a number or an abstraction to represent the UNITY in ALL), is not in a word (except such compound words as "one-ness" to convey attributes of UNITY to words and concepts, is not THE WORD (but the NUMBER). Yahweh means "no name" (no word), "no form", "no attributes". And that is only one of the names in the BIBLE for the ONE, (the MONO of Monotheism). The other word is ELOHIM and that makes up the two Biblical words for The ONE, the UNITY, belonging to two tribes that later made up ISRAEL, the Yahwehists and the Elohimists.

The Greek concept used my John in John 1 to express the ONE (GOD), is LOGOS. In the beginning was the LOGOS.(John 1) This is a philosophical concept and means: LOGIC as defined by sound, using words. So MOTION! A dynamic concept that is not STATIC as A DOGMA or A WORD! But was translated that way by the "ELITE" for the control of the "lowly mass". A "word" can be "sold". Logic has to be taught and then the student of LOGIC does not need the TEACHER anymore. So religion loses it's pyramidal (top down) control.

In French, LOGOS was translated as: "le verbe", or the verb. Again, dynamic and in MOTION. An action, and not STATIC as a DOGMA or a WORD.

That was early Christ according to JOHN, his friend.


I find that many who quote the Bible have never read it but are just repeating what others have said about it. (the preachers). I have read the Catholic, King James, New Jerusalem (NEW SALEM), and many of the "modern" versions" of the old "compilations". I find many illogical and inaccurate accounts, too many to list. Those who say that it has never been "proven" are just apologists for a document that is as archaic as the concepts they espouse such as the one: that Women can't be Popes or Masters (India) or even "apostles".

And then there's the ORIGINAL SIN! The alleged sin of ADAM and EVE that we all now are "guilty of". Now that is a good ONE! Very "logical" according to some...or LOGOS!! lol I'm sure glad our "fought for" and democratic legal system is above the Religious laws that espouses that type of DOGMA!

4d-don - July 8, 2007

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