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2008 - Quarter 1

Beginning of the Visitors' book

Having felt and hence, discovered love from my birth, and also understood it, and its effects, from my youth. I now also see it in ONE (what some call GOD) and ALL (the CREATED), and not only in the Religious, specially not only in the "chosen" adepts of such religions as Christians, Muslims, Hindus, and Jews..

I do not confuse the ONE, the UNITY with a PERSON, specially not a PERSON placed as "the second person in a "tri-une GOD" by the decree of a murderous ROMAN EMPEROR, in the early centuries of the "Jesus MOVEMENT". Rome and Constantine took over CHRISTIANITY and it became the HOLY ROMAN EMPIRE!! Not a testament of LOVE, this HOLY ROMAN EMPIRE!!

ONE person does not "FUEL" love in others, but the MESSAGE, the WORDS that are written and attributed to a person, and then read can, and sometimes does stimulate a LOVING disposition, that is then fueled by the individual if LOVE is what that person wants and if the FUEL is available in that person. Some psychopaths cannot love no matter how much love one "PRAYS" at it.
Some religions then call that condition the effects of a "DEMON"!!

The directed actions of a person can also help stimulate, not fuel, love in others. That is a testament to the BRAIN and to the MIND to recognize the "cumulative" properties of LOVE. It is also a testament to one of the properties of our CARBON body to imprint into our genes, the cumulative knowledge of past generation. It speaks to the LOVE (or "EFFICACY") of the ONE, or of the UNITY, of the ALL, of the SYSTEM, rather than to the LOVE OF A MAN (mythic or real) who lived thousands of years ago... That is not LOGICAL as JOHN (the beloved disciple) would probably say.
Remember Moses and "I am "THAT" I am"... NOT "WHO"! NOT A PERSON!!

All prayers are good as they show "intention", but it is for "oneself" that one prays. If it affects the "target" of the prayer, it is minimal at best but is appreciated as a good thought for the PRAY-er and a good "fuzzy feeling" for the PRAY-ee...

May ALL realize that LOVE is fueled by various sources for various people, but mostly, love is fueled by "ONE-self" as a survival mechanism for the individual, his/her family, his/her clan, his/her tribe, and his/her species.

(4d-don / February 9, 2008 - 00:15)

I honestly am just praying that you find Jesus in some way in your life. He fuels my love and pushes me every day to give more love than I thought possible to everyone around me. I hope you can discover this love.
(Betsy / February 7, 2008 - 04:46)

Children feel "Happiness" when Santa Claus, fairies, elves, and all magic, are mentionned. That does not mean that the commercial version of Coca Cola's (from Cocaine) Santa Claus exists.

Those who project "hate" at those who don't agree with them as if WE HATED, create that "hatred" in their own hearts using the "energy" in the "logic" in our WORDS (LOGOS). Rather than "LOVING" the sinner and "talking about the "alleged" SIN", some (fewer and fewer) attack the PERSON rather than discuss the MESSAGE, because they "CAN'T" do otherwise. Their theological message is "FLAWED" and a FANTASY (Roman?, German?)...GOD, the ONE, is not and cannot be a MALE PERSON or any POINT or PLACE in SPACE. IT AIN'T LOGICAL or LOGOS or in agreement with MOSES or the JEWS!!

I personally LOVE Jesus, or more accurately, his MESSAGE of LOVE, and ALL people, even if he and others that I sometimes refer to may simply be MYTHs.

Has anyone ever wondered why there are no "dates" on all the letters, epistles, gospels, writings called "PROOF" of the existence of JESUS? GOD apparently passed on Earth and no one of his "following" recorded the DATES of the events in HIS life? Then they call HIM "LORD". Why did he not WRITE himself? Could he? Does his message have other earlier sources? (some claim that even the "sermon on the MOUNT" is a re-hash of a series of old Egyptian aphorisms. WAS JESUS ORIGINAL? Why did the TRINITY, making Jesus a "GOD", only begin to exist AFTER CONSTANTINE, the Roman Emperor? Why do the Christians not call the ONE (God) by the same name as the JEWS as Jesus and the apostles probably did? (Yahweh, LOGOS, Elohim) Why call what the Jews probably called "I am THAT I am" (Moses) or Yahweh ("IT that has no name, no form, etc."), by the Germanic words GOD, the FATHER or even the lowly, LORD? Why is there a GENDER in the Christian ONE? Even Angels (myths?) have "NO GENDER, being SPIRITS. That is not JEWISH or GREEK of the time but of a few centuries after the death of Jesus of Nazareth, called the Christ (Messiah)?

No answers to the questions, just attacks on the QUESTIONNER? Is that not typical "RELIGIOUS" modus operandi?... At least in WESTERN Christianity, we have removed enough secular power from the RELIGIONS (Christianity) so they can't "KILL US" anymore in the name of their GOTHIC (German) GOD. The other RELIGIONS such as the MUSLIMS et al, of the descendants of ABRAHAM have to RE-FORM so as to remove the power to KILL from the hands of the RELIGIOUS so we the citizens, the PEOPLE can begin the DIALOGUE that must take place as we reach what Michio Kaku, physicist, calls: "CIVILIZATION ONE", the GLOBAL SOCIETY!!

Apparently, ONE can OFFER ONE's HATRED TO JESUS so HE can wash one's sins away and then ATONE (become AT ONE) with the SINNER (apparently all of US). One should not push one's hatred on one's fellow PILGRIM on this rugged road of LIFE...


HOW LOVING!! See how they LOVE?

My heart, the PUMP, is as soft and ALIVE as everyone else's, even as the CHRISTIANS. That is another METAPHOR that is falsely taken "literally" by the "FAITH-based" belief systems. The heart is a PUMP, not the seat of our connection to the OTHER WORLD. WE ARE CONNECTED to ALL and are ONE with ALL everywhere and everywhen!! That is SCIENCE, not RELIGION!! There is not a "GREATER" connection at the HEART than at the BRAIN, or at the lowly RECTUM!! WE are CONNECTED and can't get OUT OF THE ONE, the UNITY!!! What some call GOD!!

As JESUS, ONE can CRY about HATRED (probably as it is in one's own self) and CLEANSE oneself of IT!!
(4d-don / January 28, 2008 - 09:28)

I actually cried when I saw this site. I was looking for a picture for my bible essay, and this site popped up. Unfortunately, I clicked on it. You need to seriously consider why you have this hate in your life for Jesus. If only your hard, dead heart felt what mine did when i hear the name JESUS. No shudders, just complete happiness.
(Sarah / January 28, 2008 - 03:14 am)

I just have had an interest why there are some folks out there who choose not to believe in GOD. Or Hashem. I know many who claim to be Bible Believing Christians but they really are not. At least you are honest enouigh to say you are non-believers. That's what a missionary calls a target rich environment! Ha ha.
(tom357freedom / January 23, 2008 - 06:49 pm)

The Wise "PERSON" in his/her heart says: "I don't know what CREATED the ALL" But the Fool, reading bad translations of the writings of questionable characters who lived thousands of years ago and wrote in a "living" language, into the rigid and static "Germanic" languages, blindly accepts and repeats.
They even add "willy-nilly": "GOD said" (NOT TRUE..no one was there): "Let there be LIGHT", or, "In the beginning was the WORD" (from the greek LOGOS)", rather than giving the "LOGOS "the original philosophical meaning of "LOGIC as defined by Sound using WORDS". It is just a Gothic or GERMANIC RIGID translation for a SPIRITUAL or abstract intellectual concept.

In the French Christian Bible, this same line is translated as: "In the beginning was the VERB"... or the ACTION...Much more "living", dynamnic and Romantic!

If there is a ONE or a UNITY, it is not represented in my life by the Gothic or Germanic personal "GOD" of the Mono-THEISTS but is more in agreement with the: "I AM THAT I AM" of Moses, or the "NOT THIS, NOT THAT", of Buddhism, or the YAHWEH ("IT" that has no name, no form, etc..) of the JEWS. (Notice the statement of the ONE, the UNITY, as claimed by Moses is not: "I am WHO I am). "THAT" represents a "thing", a genderless spirit (rarified energy), or a "PRINCIPLE" or a LAW...or a science and is LOGICAL. The ONE, the UNITY of ALL, is LOGICAL and can be discussed by our "SCIENCE"...

The Gothic (Germanic) "GOD" is personified tribal EMOTIONALISM of the past, and is presented as a FAITH-BASED Mystery to be accepted blindly, taking away all LOGIC and placing LOGIC as "not to be trusted", and as the TOOL of the DEVIL or SATAN. Another polarizing and DIVIDING MYTH created by the RELIGIOUS manipulators of the Middle East or the Mediterranean area, the desert tribes, descendents of of Abraham!!

Even the "GOD" of the "Deist" (for Deus, latin for GOD The CREATOR or the ORIGINATOR) is not involved in the day-to day working of IT' s (not a MALE) UNIVERSE and does not answer prayers and favour one of it's units of creation and hate another unit of it's creation. Such logic is more in agreement with the atheist's "NO GOD" stand, than with the Mono-THEIST's tribal "PERSONAL" fantasy.

Oh yes! And only THEY can save us from the DEVIL... And only THEY get to HEAVEN, a reward not gauged on GOOD deeds or a GOOD life but on wether one "confessed" one's sins before dying or believed in "THEIR" GOD who is now a TRINITY, Jesus, a man, having been place as the second person in that TRINITY. It's a system for "SINNERS" or "Johhny-do-wrongs" who want to sin till the end!

IN THE REAL UNIVERSE, there is a apparently a just Law of "action and reaction". (another faith-based) belief when applied to 're-incarnation".

Wether PEOPLE or personalities, are subject to that LAW and carry the effects of their deeds in their spirit (rarified energy field) and then in their genes to the next "re-birth" is still in question!

NO PROOF YET!! JUST ANECDOTES... Let's not be fooled again by the religious myths of other cultures who INVADE our shores...

Exotic does not mean "SMART" or WISE or ACCURATE!
(4d-don / January 21, 2008 - 10:19 pm)

The fool in his heart says "there is no God".
(len / January 21, 2008 - 02:11 pm)

"Thank God I found this site."

That's priceless! lol ;-))

Is there a comedian out there? A spiritual/humanist satirist? The title of this site: "The CAPITAL Man" also has some satire or "other forms of communication" potential."

The "slip" certainly works on "polarity" and draws the "Poles (theist/atheist) of opposites closer together through the logical/illogical expression of an emotion (relief) or a "verbal slip"... or is it a "slip" at all? Are there MISTAKES in GOD? or in the UNIVERSE?. Were we meant to come here to this site? It has a dis-armingly beautiful symetry!

Luck is but a law un-recognized!! So is destiny. Still many missing links in logic as well as in genetics, and as well as in the "GOD and Creation" theories...Re-incarnation is an attempt to explain "suffering" and "luck or talent" in one lifetime, with deeds, sinful/virtuous in another past lifetime or across TIME and/or from energy (spiritual) to genetics, but it soon drifts into "elitism" with the elite defining the process rather than the ALL that is "consciousness". All points of consciousness hold a part of the "answer". No one point or series of points holds all the ANSWER, all the TIME... there is an "uncertainty" principle at work here also. The UNIVERSE loves DIVERSITY and DYNAMISM or CHANGE and TRANSFORMATION!

Laughter is GOLDEN!! ;-))

Let's see how soon this "meme" that inavertently crept into our "WORLD" creates reflections and how soon we hear it spoken or see it written "elsewhere"? Is it a conspiracy? The Aquarian Conspiracy in REALITY...

(4d-Don / January 17, 2008 - 00:25 am)

Thank God I found this site. Sorry about that verbal slip. Marx put it best: religion is the opiate of the masses. Today television is a close second. Nice to be here. Tanks!
(skepticist / January 14, 2008 - 05:56 am)

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