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The eighth day

The first day, Man used his hands and stood up.
The second day, Man was aware of his present.
The third day, Man remembered his past and thought up his future.
The fourth day, Man knew he was miserable and that he would die.
The fifth day, Man felt afraid.
The sixth day, man created gods.
The seventh day, man resigned himself to gods and stopped to grow.
Every tribe, every clan had its god, its gods;
A god for rain, a god for fire;
A god for Earth, a god for everything
Gods were loads. Too many gods narrowed gods.
Therefore? man declared God as only and infinitely great.

With script came the time of Scriptures,
Came the time of a God revealed by prophets.
A dogma, prayers, sins,
A house where people felt sheltered from unknown.
Man had just invented religion.
Of religion, man became the prisoner.
The eighth day, Man forgot god and found his capital letter again.

God would have created man and would have gone about more important business!

Why does my neighbor persist in proclaiming his God is greater than mine?

Why God, mine, is greater than yours ?

God is a placebo.
Religion is a drug.

Like the fig leaf is a sex cover,
God is a wrap on the human poverty,
Religion is a comfort.

God is a death cover,
Religion is a jail.

God doesn't intervene in the human life,
Nothing more nor less than Mr Random.

God is an undemonstrable mathematical construction
as the Souslanov-Schrümenmauer's self-generated paradigm.

Nobody cant prove that God doesn't exist.
Well done!

But nobody cant prove that God exists.
That's the other side of the coin!

Believer, fordsake your God, if you want a little to grow.
If this idea scares you, don't be afraid,
God is innocuous, because your God, it's you who gives birth to him.
If you don't dare, if you are afraid, that's because you are not ready.
Therefore, keep him in a corner of your mind, without you leting him overcome yourself.
But don't pay the voices of religion any attention,
This obscure voices that dictate you what you have to do or not to do.
One day will come when you will be ready and will forget your God.

Atheist by laziness, people become progressively.
To go to mass: a waste of time.
Why to spoil the Sunday morning?
To pray : annoying and ineffective.
To go to confession : has really a god, worthy of the name, anything more to do than to listen to a child who racks his brains to find of what he is guilty? "I have said swear words, I was jealous of my little brother and spiteful with my cousin, I have not help my mother to clear the table,..."
To believe in an all-powerful god that people never see : what is the good ?
It's like this that people can choose the way of the laziness.
A first step to freedom.
A first step to wisdom.
A first step to atheism.

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