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False atheism

or the new-sacred ideologies

One of the principal criticisms of atheism is that, in the absence of God or of religion, men try, in an other way, to satisfy their major and powerful needs. These needs can be : strong bonds within a community (for safety, feeling of membership, comfort...), idolatry, fetishism or the search for this lost "enchantment" that materialism of the modern world has destroyed. Then, "systems" that reintroduce forms of sacred, are set up, often in an unconscious way. Their followers are often victims of insidious forms of underhand maneuvers that divert their needs towards satisfaction of other objectives : policy, will of domination, egocentrism, financial interests...
We will see some examples of these systems : nationalism, Nazism, communist dictatorships, capitalism, consumer society, "star system".

It would be too easy to call "religions" these "systems", even if they present great similarities with them. It would be a confusion and to allow the exploitation by the traditional religions of these society deviancies. Indeed, those would not fail to affirm that atheism is a dead end that leads to other forms of religions, and that the salvation (of humanity) is only in their arms. Therefore, it seems preferable to use the word "religion" for what is concerning the belief in one or several gods.

For lack of a more adapted term, let us call these pseudo-religions "new-sacred ideologies" or "false atheism". This last expression has the disadvantage of being a negative definition, but it has however the merit to say clearly what atheism is not.
Sacred : Etymologically, which cannot be soiled. Object of worship relating to the gods and the relations between them and the men. The relations between men are called profane. By extension, "sacred" can apply to all what is beyond the man, what inspires the largest respect, the greatest admiration or devotion. Sacred is accompanied by feelings of fear, mystery and fascination in front of a supernatural power.

Is really atheistic a man who is devoted to forms of sacred, even without religious characteristics?

Some parallels can be dared between these false atheism, sacred and religions.
They are presented below.

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