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False atheism

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Communist dictatorships

Beginning of "False atheism"

The monstrous children of the Marxist utopia :

Sacred Religion Communist dictatorships
Divinities God, Allah, Yahweh Proletariat
Myths Bible, Gospel, Koran "The Capital"; proletariat is the "elect" social class
Symbol, totem Cross, Green Crescent, Star of David Red flag, the hammer and sickle, raised-fist salute
Prophets Moses, Jesus, Mohammed… Karl Marx, Engels, Lenin
The elect among the elect Saints Great men in mausoleums, dignitaries of the regime
The reign of God The Apocalypse and the reign of Jesus during thousand years the class struggle, KGB, Gulag, the triumph of the working class. The Messianic kingdom is the communist society, where the state, become useless, disappears.
Ritual Mass, Way of the Cross, processions March-pasts. Conferences of the single party
Scapegoats Heretics, infidels, atheists White Russians, dissidents, Jews

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