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False atheism

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The "star system"

Beginning of "False atheism"

The need for sacred can lead to idolatry and to the creation of a real Pantheon for "Stars of the show", "gods of the stadium", leaders of the policy...
Like "illuminated believers" make with God, the "fans" center their existence on these of their idols, at the point to lose the consciousness of realities.

Sacred Religion Star system
Divinities God, Allah, Yahweh "Star" becomes idol
Myths Bible, Gospel, Koran Events in the life of the "star" (loves, sexuality, divorces, accidents, transfer of the football players...)
Prophets Moses, Jesus, Mohammed… Consultants in communication, coaches, accommodating journalists.
Ritual Mass, Way of the Cross, processions Shows, matches, fan-club meetings, political meetings
Oracles   Words and interviews of the "stars"
Fetishes Relics of prophets, of saints, of the Cross… Personal objects of the star; autographs, dedications
Iconography Sculptures of crucified Christ, paintings of Virgin and Child… Pictures of the star

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