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Nationalism is the typical example where there is a transfer of the sacred to political and social history.
Nationalism especially developed at the end of the 19th century (in Germany, Italy, France, Serbia...) partly because of the uncompleted unification of "nationalities" leaving aside the large part of population (German Bohemia, Trieste and Trentin, Alsace-Lorraine, ethnic imbroglio of Balkans...).

When there is no more God or that God is relegated into the background, temptation is strong to consider the nation, that becomes a historical personality, as something sacred. On mainly ethnic or linguistic bases, the nation plays a role of unification between the various groups and the communities that make up it.

Nationalism is an aggressive form of patriotism, of relationship with the nation and between the nations. To belong to the nation requires a national culture, "natural" qualities that lead quickly to xenophobia. Then come personality cult, single party, propaganda... The designation of a common enemy and the almost "Messianic" waiting for a saver or for a "revenge on the history" induce to the opposition between the nations and finally to the war.

"… the future of the nation does not result essentially from a rational project, but merges with a sacred mission, registered since its origins in a heritage to defend, with a set of values to be reproduced faithfully. Consequently, the explosion of nationalism allowed the extension, on a planet scale, of real secular religions, in which the nation is used as hearth of transmutation of the religious symbolic system." (Jean Plumyene / The romantic nations, 1979)

Sacred Religion Nationalism
Divinities God, Allah, Yahweh Fatherland that is the national sanctuary
Myths Bible, Gospel, Koran History of the construction of the nation
Symbol, totem Cross, Green Crescent, Star of David National flag
Prophets Moses, Jesus, Mohammed… They are not nationalists as such, but they "are elected" for their role in the constitution of the nation or as "visionaries" of the intentions of this nation : Clovis, Charlemagne, Jeanne d'Arc, Louis the 14th, Napoleon (for France for instance).
Mother Goddess Blessed Virgin (Mary) Marianne (in France)
The elect among the elect Saints Pantheon of the great men (the grateful fatherland); the unknown soldier
Ritual Mass, Way of the Cross, processions March-pasts; ceremonies to the death
Martyrs Persecuted saints Those who are died for the fatherland
Scapegoats Heretics, infidels, atheists Strangers, immigrants, Jews
Initiatory ceremonies Baptism, catechism, scouting Youth movements

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