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Nazism is a degenerate and bloody form of nationalism and racism.

Sacred Religion Nazism
Divinities God, Allah, Yahweh Aryan race
Myths Bible, Gospel, Koran Mythology of the racial origins; the Aryan myth; "Mein Kampf"
Symbol, totem Cross, Green Crescent, Star of David Swastika; the Nazi salute
Prophets Moses, Jesus, Mohammed… Hitler
The reign of God The Apocalypse and the reign of Jesus during thousand years The all-out war, ethnic purification, death camps and triumph of the Aryan race
Ritual Mass, Way of the Cross, processions March-pasts. Conferences of the Nazi party (Berlin, Nuremberg). The exaltation of the forces of nature, youth, blood, death.
Scapegoats Heretics, infidels, atheists Jews; freemasons; communists
Initiatory ceremonies Baptism, catechism, scouting Hitler Youth

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