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God story

By 4d-don   -   November 30, 2007

For those who are not familiar with the terms, a Theist believes in a God who is "involved" with His creation. This is usually a Male God, often "plural", originating for the western cultures in the desert, nomadic, and later farming cultures of the Near East and Asia.

A Deist believes in an intelligent Deity that is un-involved in the daily workings of "ITS" (Neuter) creation. For some, the Deity (latin-Deus) is a process, or a principle such as LOGIC (Greek-LOGOS as in Biblical John 1).

The latin, "Deus", was later translated to G-O-D by the Gothic (Germanic) Empire theologians who already had their name for the DIVINITY: Goth, Gott, and then the English G-O-D.

That is the same Gothic (Germanic) Empire that sacked Rome in the 4th century (After the Common Era (ACE)). The Goths were at that time being displaced from their homelands by the Huns of "Attila the Hun" fame. This was right after Constantine, with his Council of Nicea, had Christ placed as part of the "Trinity of The ONE (God)" as the second "person", the son of GOD, and "WHO" (a person) was there with the ONE (a number), LOGOS (logic), Yahweh/Elohim (I Am that I am....no name, no form) at the BEGINNING of TIME. This was done so Constantine could become a Christian and have his sins "forgiven" and thus avoid his "cause and effect" debt for the crimes of killing many of his family. That was a belief of the Pagans.

The folowers of Egyptian Bishop Arius (Arians-synchronistically similar to "aryans" of the later Nazis) rejected and opposed this theology at the Council of Nicea. This was seen as a corruption of the philosophical "ONE" God of Monotheism and the Duality (two) of other cultures (Zoroastrian) and into a TRINITY (three). Later the Goth would also reject this "Constantinean" theology but would later relinquish (flip-flop for political reasons?)and become "adherents" to the Nicene Creed (For Nicean Council of Constantine, Emperor of Rome)

A Deist is closer to an a-theist. A theist is closer to Magic and Fantasy.

In the Catholic Church philosophy and theology, that would be reflected in the views of Thomas Aquinas, follower of Aristotle and the Greek Atomists, versus Augustine, follower of Plato and his world view.

This is the Thomas Aquinas (supported and inspired by such philosopher as Rene Descartes (of "I think therfore I am" fame) , and Roger Bacon), who can be credited for the undermining of Church/State dictatorial control that brought about the "Protestant REFORMATION" of the Roman Catholic PYRAMID and freed the intelligentia, the scientific community, that ushered in the Age of Reason, and the other physical revolutions, industrial revolution, the barons revolution and their Magna Carta, French Revolution (petits bourgeois), Workers (unions)revolutions, and finally the electrical revolution, the quantum revolution, the electronics revolutions and the "information AGE"...And the INFONAUTS....

Other Theistic cultures and Theocracies also need their Reformation so as to move away from MAGIC and FANTASY to an "intelligent" and Logical ONE (number) or UNITY.

ONE (Deity) CAN'T BE A PERSON! To accept ONE or UNITY as a PROCESS or a PRINCIPLE, not a PERSON, would place the theists at the corrective decision point in the LOOP their "idols" (leaders) took centuries ago and again some more centuries ago.

If theists (monotheists) accept FANTASY and MAGIC again, they should not expect a DIFFERENT RESULT as from the LAST TIME will they? That would define "INSANITY" would it not?

Faith (blind faith) inevitably leads to violence and even WAR!


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