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Pope John Paul II

John Paul II

Portrait (not too spiteful) of a Polish pope
Pope John Paul II

John Paul II
Otherwise known as:

Karol Wojtyla was born in Poland in 1920 near Cracow.
Elected big boss of the Roman Catholic Church on October 18, 1978, he becomes Jean-Paul II on October 22, that is to say exactly 25 years before the silver jubilee of his pontificate.
He is the first Slavic pope in history.
John Paul II died on April 3, 2005.

Who was John Paul II?

Ill and tired, he has carried on his mission compelling admiration if his faithful.
But, why didn't he take a well deserved retirement?
Was it to leave nothing to chance for a faster canonization?
Was it to give the example to an ageing clergy that is no more renewed?
Was it to delay the splitting up of a Catholic Church torn between several opposed trends?

Catholics weep for their leader. Their disarray is real and comprehensible. It is the risk when one lets oneself be charmed by the charisma of a man and that one relies on him or on the authority that he represents for giving a sense to one’s life.

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