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Holy Cross and crucifix
...or the Christian tasteful signs

The centuries pass, Christian Church grows richer:

Passion   Cross   Crucifix
Crucifixion   Cross & jewel   Crucifix and precious stones

Portable totem.
To carry a wooden cross some around the neck is out of fashion.
One prefers to transform the crucifix into "jewelcross".

From classic to fancy:
Gold cross   ring cross
Jewel Cross   Jexel Crucifix

Double death!
Christians love the martyrs.
The crucifixion is not sufficient. One wants to drown Jesus by attaching him to an anchor, that is an Early Chritian symbol!

Anchor Cross

Jesus and the Cross hide everywhere

On a candelabra.
Caution! During making love, it's better to extinguish the candle, if not one could say that Jesus is like a fifth wheel.
Candelabra Cross

Lacy Cross Lace: cross-stitch cloth.
When we have enough of seeing the Cross that is hung on the wall, we hide it under a flowerpot or an ashtray. Jesus is still here, but more discreet.

Death among flowers
To see continuously a condemned to death, bloody and dying on his cross is not a gloomy prospect. So, believers prefer to replace it by flowers or plants.
"Hide this blood which I could not see!"
climbing plant crucifix   flowers Cross

Caution! The torture victim tries to escape!
"Not at all! In fact the nails do not hold".

Jesus and Cross

Shelter Cross Shelter from the rain

An impostor!
He cheats a bit: he is only bound, and standing on a table!
False torture

Dove Cross Poor dove!!
Conjuring trick: Jesus has disappeared and has been replaced by his brother, Holy Ghost
(Sketch from a contemporary painting)

God will recognize his own
Inscription on this key ring (6,75$):
"The owner of this car is a Roman Catholic. In case of accident, please summon a Priest"
... and after, call for help!!!
St Christopher car

Cross handset A direct line to JÚsus!
And if it's Allah who replies?

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