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Arguments of atheists

Some arguments on atheists' behalf

This page tries to gather and classify by broad topics, the principal arguments advanced by atheists. They don't prove the non-existence of God, but they are what induce atheists to say: "I don't believe in God."
Reason, which one could expect to find at the head of this list, does not appear here voluntarily. Indeed, it is not an argument as such, but it is subjacent in the majority of them as a tool of the thought.

The absence : The God's absence an the lack of proof
Thousands of years of religion never succeeded in showing the existence of God. Why to believe in something whose existence cannot be proved? For lack of evidences or tangible signs of the existence of God, brought by the believers, the not-belief is the most reasonable choice.
Why does God hide? The most probable and easiest answer : it's because God does not exist.
If God exists and doesn't show itself, why should we adhere to this or to that religion?

The concept of God is incomprehensible
What is God?
God is only one report of ignorance. How what is incomprehensible, unexplainable (God), could it explain what we don't know (beyond our perception of reality)?
If God exists, who has created God? Is God the single representative of a spontaneous generation?
Because the god of the Holy Scripture resembles too much to the man, so one may suspect it of being a human creature.

The religious dogmas are in contradiction with reality, with what one notices every day.
Because the man knows that he will die and that after death, there is nothing any more.
Why to adore a god which is said merciful and who has condemned for ever the humanity because of the original sin of only one (injustice), that God has himself created and subjected to temptation (perverse idea)... and for an apple history (shabby trick).
Why to join this religion and not this other one? Why do the believers nearly always have the religion of their parents and their social sphere?
The evil exists and God would be witness, passive... or powerless.
The suffering or the death of children, innocent per definition. Why has misfortune fallen down on this one and not on that other one.
The inefficacy of the prayers.
Humanity is too mediocre to have been created by a god worthy of the name.

What the religions promise is too beautiful to be true
These promises answer too easily our aspirations (eternity, to see again our dear departed, forgiveness, "70 virgins"...). They correspond too much to the major desires of the man not to have been imagined by him.

To feel free
Not to submit to the illusions, to any a dogma.
By refusal of ready-made solutions.
Because to kneel down or to prostrate oneself before something whose the existence never could be proved, is unworthy of the man.
Not to be maneuvered.

The negative contribution of the religions
They generate fanaticism, intolerance.
They are conservative, against progress.
The wars of religion, Inquisition.
Christianity teaches resignation, submission.
Self-interested alliances with the political power.
The harmful influence of the majority religions on the society.

The progress of science
The progress of science bring each day a more complete explanation of phenomena that men attributed, until now, to the divinities.
God is pushed back within the limits of the Universe.

One lives very well and even better without God.
The Salvation that is promised with the hope of the hereafter prevents from appreciating the single one and short life of the man.
The faith save ! From what does it save? The unbeliever doesn't feel lost. He doesn't need to be saved.
God has no practical use; God is not necessary for happiness.

By humanism
Sudden awareness that to put the man and the future of humanity at the center of our concerns is more important that the illusion (God).
To fight against intolerance and to return fanaticism back to back.

By mistrust in relation to the easy solutions
It's more difficult to be atheist than believer.

The humor test
It's more easily to make fun of the believers than of the atheists.
I'm waiting impatiently for the joke on the atheists that will make me laugh.

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