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Scientific creationism

Everything except science!

For creationists, mankind and every animal species are the fruit of the God's Universe Creation. The most powerful and structured forms of the "biblical" creationism stay among fundamentalist Protestants (Pentecotists, Adventists of the Seventh Day, Baptists…) and Jehovah's Witnesses. They are promoting a literal reading of Genesis according to which Creation would have taken place 6000 years ago and are trying to support this with "scientific" evidences. We can also note the existence of an extraterrestrial creationism (For instance: Raelian Movement).
Except in front of a credulous audience or a one which is unaware of what is a scientific process, it is however difficult for creationists to defend such statements in front of the discoveries of science and, in particular, the theory of Evolution resulting from Charles Darwin's work.

Today, to solve this contradiction, the supporters of creationism advance subtle but very offensive theories. Without denying Evolution, they defend, always with supporting "evidence", the theory according to which world and mankind were wished and planned by a creator. For them, it could be neither chance nor natural selection. Behind the emergence of life and that of mankind (the ultimate purpose of Creation), there would be a will, inevitably a divine one. In the United States, this theory is called "Intelligent Design". In France, it is supported by the Interdisciplinary Institute of Paris. Some Moslems, following in Dr. Bucaille's wake (cf. his book "Bible, Koran and Science") want to do of Koran a book of science, which would contain evidences of Universe Creation by Allah.

Having their own research institutes and being very active on Internet, the supporters of "Intelligent Design" succeed in spreading doubt among students and professors with a fallacious presentation of facts and pretence of logical and scientific process. In some towns of the United States, parents of pupils managed to make "Intelligent Design" and the theory of Evolution taught on the same level in the school syllabus.

Principal distortions made by creationists with the scientific principles

All these "scientific creationism" movements and all those who try to introduce spirituality into science - which, by definition, is materialist -, constitute intellectual impostures with religious goals. They use science like a means of justifying dogmas hoaxing the most ingenuous, the less informed readers or listeners.

These creationist theories also attempt to take science out its role so that it brings its guarantee to the field of morals or to the one of policy. Therefore, abortion and homosexuality would transgress the "intelligent design", because they are not in conformity with the natural laws, therefore with the God's will. The precedents of using of science to this end must be recalled: the Nazi anthropology to prove the inferiority of some races. We all know where that has led.


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