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Beginning of an introduction to materialism

Main differences between materialism and spiritualism

Materialism Spiritualism
Monism : only one substance exists.
For materialism, this substance is matter.
Dualism : two substances exists : matter & mind
or spiritualist monism : only mind exists.
Man can be known or described by only matter. Man does not consist of only matter.
Absence of beliefs in "supernatural", atheism. Beliefs : God, soul, next world, reincarnation, superstitions, supernatural systems of explanation...
Man has an illusion of autonomy. He is subjected to determinism or random. Man is autonomous or free.
Self-consciousness is an illusion that is generated by the complexity of the organization of matter. Soul is autonomous.
Absence of meaning to life.
Man fixes itself his own finality: humanity, for example.
Spiritual finality often of divine origin.
Man, as an animal like another, is a part of nature. Man dominates nature.
Man is a product of evolution. Creationism.
What are called "mysteries" are only questions unsolved by sciences. There are mysteries that the human reason cannot and will never be able to solve.
Our ignorance must be accepted. Ignorance is transformed into transcendence "stopgap" or substitute, like God.
Priority is given to the research of the "how". Priority is given to the research of the "why".
Nnowledge. Faith.
Perception. Speculation.

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