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François-Marie Arouet,


(1694 - 1778)

French philosopher

"Crush the Infamy"
(The Voltaire's motto)

Quotations of Voltaire

"When one speaks to another man who doesn't understand him, and when the man who's speaking no longer understands, it's metaphysics."
(Voltaire / 1694-1778 / Candide, 1759)

"There are no sects in geometry."
(Voltaire / 1694-1778 / Philosophical Dictionary, 1764)

"Nothing can be more contrary to religion and the clergy than reason and common sense."
(Voltaire / 1694-1778 / Philosophical Dictionary, 1764)

"The truths of religion are never so well understood as by those who have lost their power of reasoning."
(Voltaire / 1694-1778 / Philosophical Dictionary, 1764)

"Theological religion is the source of all imaginable follies and disturbances; it is the parent of fanaticism and civil discord; it is the enemy of mankind."
(Voltaire / 1694-1778 / Philosophical Dictionary, 1764)

"I have never made but one prayer to God, a very short one: 'O, Lord, make my enemies ridiculous.' And God granted it."
(Voltaire / 1694-1778 / Letter to M. Damilaville / May 16, 1767)

"I am very fond of truth, but not at all of martyrdom."
(Voltaire / 1694-1778 / Letter to d'Alembert / August 20, 1770)

"If God did not exist, it would be necessary to invent him."
(Voltaire / 1694-1778 / For and Against)

"Christianity is the most ridiculous, the most absurd, and bloody religion that has ever infected the world."
(Voltaire / 1694-1778 / Letter to Frederick the Great)

"We only half live when we only half think."
(Voltaire / 1694-1778)

"The sentiment of justice is so natural, and so universally acquired by all mankind, that it seems to be independent of all law, all party, all religion."
(Voltaire / 1694-1778)

"If God has created us in His image, we have more than returned the compliment."
(Voltaire / 1694-1778)

"God is a comedian playing to an audience too afraid to laugh."
(Voltaire / 1694-1778)

"Superstition is to religion what astrology is to astronomy; the mad daughter of a wise mother"
(Voltaire / 1694-1778)

"It is one of the superstitions of the human mind to have imagined that virginity could be a virtue."
(Voltaire / 1694-1778)

"A witty saying proves nothing."
(Voltaire / 1694-1778)

"A little evil is often necessary for obtaining a great good."
(Voltaire / 1694-1778)

Biography of Voltaire

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