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Jean-Paul Sartre

(1905 - 1980)

Philosopher, novelist, playwright
Jean-Paul Sartre

Quotations of Jean-Paul Sartre

"Hell is other people."
(Jean-Paul Sartre / 1905-1980 / No exit / 1945)

"The existentialist... thinks it very distressing that God does not exist, because all possibility of finding values in a heaven of ideas disappears along with Him; there can no longer be an a priori Good, since there is no infinite and perfect consciousness to think it. Nowhere is it written that the Good exists, that we must be honest, that we must not lie; because the fact is we are on a plane where there are only men. Dostoievsky said, "If God didnít exist, everything would be possible." That is the very starting point of existentialism. Indeed, everything is permissible if God does not exist, and as a result man is forlorn, because neither within him nor without does he find anything to cling to. He canít start making excuses for himself."
(Jean-Paul Sartre / 1905-1980 / Existentialism and Humanism /1945)

"Man is condemned to be free; because once thrown into the world, he is responsible for everything he does."
(Jean-Paul Sartre / 1905-1980 / Existentialism and Humanism /1945)

"Existentialism isn't so atheistic that it wears itself out showing that God doesn't exist. Rather, it declares that even if God did exist, that would change nothing."
(Jean-Paul Sartre / 1905-1980 / Existentialism and Humanism /1945)

"God is dead. Let us not understand by this that he does not exist or even that he no longer exists. He is dead. He spoke to us and is silent. We no longer have anything but his cadaver. Perhaps he
slipped out of the world, somewhere else like the soul of a dead man. Perhaps he was only a dream...God is dead."

(Jean-Paul Sartre / 1905-1980 / Situations 1 / 1947)

"When the rich wage war it's the poor who die."
(Jean-Paul Sartre / 1905-1980 / The Devil and the Good Lord / 1951)

"Death is a continuation of my life without me..."
(Jean-Paul Sartre / 1905-1980 / The Condemned of Altona / 1959)

"There are two kinds of existentialist; first, those who are Christian...and on the other hand the atheistic existentialists, among whom...I class myself. What they have in common is that they think that existence precedes essence, or, if you prefer, that subjectivity must be the turning point."
(Jean-Paul Sartre / 1905-1980)

"I confused things with their names: that is belief."
(Jean-Paul Sartre / 1905-1980 / Words 1964)

"Life has no meaning the moment you loose the illusion of being eternal."
(Jean-Paul Sartre / 1905-1980)

"That God does not exist, I cannot deny, That my whole being cries out for God I cannot forget."
(Jean-Paul Sartre / 1905-1980)

"Freedom is what you do with what's been done to you."
(Jean-Paul Sartre / 1905-1980)

"God is absence. God is the solitude of man."
(Jean-Paul Sartre / 1905-1980)

"To believe is to know you believe, and to know you believe is not to believe."
(Jean-Paul Sartre / 1905-1980)

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