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Atheistic notebook

Third quarter of 2004

Beginning of the "Atheistic notebook"

On this page are collected some reflections or thoughts, noted with the passing days, chronologically presented, therefore without logical continuation.

Credulity, seduction, consumer
Skeptical people being more difficult to attract by fine words or beautiful images, should we come to conclusion that is also true for publicity? And that, consequently, the consumer society has interest there is a maximum of credulous people and then believers?
(September 29, 2004)

Parallel worlds
Read in "Le Monde" (a French newspaper) about the author of a book, whose name I have not make the effort to remember: he is an "expert in parallel worlds". I did not know that one could be an expert in something only known by hearing statement.
And why not an expert in keys of paradise?
(September 24, 2004)

Theism and Holly Scripture
The problem of theism, even when it is settled down, is that it is founded on Scripture of an other time that contains very explicit passages which, if they are taken literally, can lead to the worst cruelties or to the war in the name of God.
Peaceful believers explain in vain that it is necessary to read it in the figurative meaning or to put it in perspective with their context. Therefore, there will be always fundamentalist fanatics to find there justifications of their acts.
(August 2004)

"Lourdes" : Credulityland
If people come so many to Lourdes (France), it is because Catholic Church has entertained their credulity. It is so easy to take advantage of those who suffer by giving them false hopes.
It is not because they are millions going to Lourdes that that miracles become truer.
(July 6, 2004)

Misfortunes of man
Atheists, by definition, do not attribute to God any human misfortunes.
Misfortunes are either the fruit of luck (cataclysms, accidents, diseases...) or caused by man himself. Religions and withdrawn attitudes of some communities have largely contributed to these misfortunes.
Wisdom and morals may be very well lived without God. Man is enough tall to do without "revealed" guides which, moreover, date from a long and bygone time.
(July 6, 2004)

And if we spoke about another thing!
Some people reproach sometimes this site for speaking too much about God.
I do not know how to speak about atheism without speaking about God (or rather of the idea of God). If I spoke about literature, football, policy, songs, data processing... without speaking about God, it would not be any more a site on atheism.
(July 6, 2004)

Koran was written fourteen centuries ago. The world changed well since this time. There has been the "century of Light" (18th), as well as the great movements of thought in the 19th and 20th centuries.
Only one sentence opposed with the fundamental values of the human Right (and they do not fail) is enough to make Koran obsolete. It is not because Koran has historical values and that it contains precepts to live protected from the doubt, that it should be venerated.
(July 1, 2004)

Rael and atheism
The followers of Rael pride themselves to be atheistic. Etymologically, it is true, Elohims, their extraterrestrial small green men, are not presented like gods. However, seen from outside, the sect of Rael is in all points similar to a religion. See the page False atheism: Rael.
To believe in the God of Bible, of Koran or on Elohims, what is the difference?
If the existence of an extraterrestrial life is statistically possible, the probability for such "animals" being humans (i.e. able to reproduce with us) is even weaker than being flu viruses, oysters, shrimps or dinosaurs.
(June 30, 2004)

Why so much hate?
"Why so much hate towards God?", often ask the believers about the atheists?
The atheists do not feel any hate toward God, since they do not believe in it. It is rather the idea of God that is criticized. The believers should not worry for that because God is enough great to defend himself. Isn't hell promised to those who blaspheme?
(June 23, 2004)

Atheism: venereal disease?
We live in a society where media, about religion, speak only of the various beliefs and much more seldom of agnostics, who are just quoted at the end. As to atheism, it is only exceptionally that it is mentioned, as if it was a venereal disease. Media tend even to use a euphemism: "unbelievers", as if the word "atheist" could grate children or right-thinking people on the ear.
(June 22, 2004)

Smooth talkers of the Church
Since centuries, Churches developed a very structured and clever dialectics. Some believers, after years of training become masters in art to muddle the mind with floods of words presented in a logical way. It is the art of sales patter and this explains why they are so effective towards credulous people.
However, a reasoning can be logical, seemingly, and leads to false conclusions.
It is very difficult to discuss with them when one does not have practice. That takes much time to answer their arguments. Moreover, it is useless to try to convince them. Their faith is one of the bases of their personality. They will never be able renounce their faith before some atheistic arguments without destroying themselves.
On the other hand, to discuss with them is very enriching, because that allows to be in its stride to the atheistic "dialectics" and to better know the argumentation of believers. Atheists should not fear to feel destabilized. One always ends up finding the parade, and then progressing.
(June 22, 2004)

Why life?
To put the question of the "why the existence?" presupposes that life is the consequence of a finality, an aim, a intention, an unknown will... However existence, life, universe could as well have no sense, which I consider as being the most plausible.
More modestly, man would be more advised to put concrete questions, within his range (i.e. within the range of science), for example "How functions the life?", "How stars are formed?".
The rest is only pure speculation.
(June 8, 2004)

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